The Evil Twin Story

Part 1 - The Evil Twin - Black Life

This story could take place anywhere, anytime, on this planet. A little boy, who lived peacefully with his family, one day, had to face death everywhere around him. A civil war has begun in his city, due to some human reasons like politics, religions. During this tragedy, the boy sees his entire family destroyed by the madness of mankind, and manages to survive somehow. In That Day… The World Has Changed Forever for him.

The time running, the orphan grew up and became a young man. Lost, the thin line between good and evil was confusing for him. The sadness, mixed with anger drove his feelings. His blood started to boil, thirsty for vengeance, and soon was as explosive as kerosene (Kerozen), feeding his madness which was morphing step by step into a major Amnesia, eating all his memories.

Driven by revenge, the young man took the chance to educate himself, attracted by mysticism, witchcraft and paranormal stuff. Following his will, he decided to visit a weird place in Peru, hoping to summon the Red Eclipse by contacting The Mysterious Nazca Spirits. On this very moment, walking across the desert, he felt the wind starting to blow and the sky getting darker. A sudden ruby light touched and filled him with an unknown supernatural force. From that time, this astral phenomenon granted him his wish for revenge. His name became Venimous.

A new phase was engaged, for the first time in history, mankind has to face the consequences of its greed. Chaos smashed human fate and Shattered The Dreams.

Faith grew stronger than ever. Each and everyone was seeking for answers and protection among religions. That’s how the Khalimastra appeared. No one knew who he was, no one knew what it was. At the edge of the end of the world, the Khalimastra rose as the Supreme Being, the Destroyer of Gods. He intercepted the young man and asked him for his purpose.

Confessing to the Supreme Being he didn’t want to be seen as a god, but only searched for vengeance, the Khalimastra decided not to interfere and to abandon mankind to its fate.

So governments chose to strike back with a nuclear attack, sending the young man few GBU 43B.

The missiles rising from the ground, the young man started to evoke dark forces, whisper evil mantra thus consuming his power. This act of Witchcraft Marked The End Of His Reign.

Part 2 - The Evil Twin - White Death

The young man was beaten, his corpse remained intact. Presidents of the Worlds reunited themselves and decided to give a decent funeral, as a symbol that mankind triumphed by itself. On a cloudy day, the coffin was buried under a hard Rain. But still, the journey for the young man just began…

His soul floated few moments in the atmosphere and then leaved Earth for the great unknown. The celestial winds brought him at the gates of a freezing black hole, an Ice Palace. The place was mystic and haunted by many lost souls. That’s how, he unfortunately met with Dolly Wax, a psychopath little girl who just escaped from her asylum. Dolly told him a part of her story, and so did the young man, speaking about his Art Of Power, which has ironically destroyed him.

After finishing chatting, the young man decided to take his soul outside the ice palace. This perilous adventure guided him to a damned place, forsaken by all, a Ship Graveyard. The area was so creepy, fullfilled with carcasses of various ships witnessing different times, in several dimensions. Among some pieces, he found a weird object, a secret Tool, which allowed him to switch between life & death, depending on his will.

But this hazardous discoverer has not been unpunished, and knowing his past, an unknown force cast him apart, making him Lost Beyond Space And Time.

The young man reminded himself of the story of Ulysse and began to accept his fate, seeking redemption. That’s how, the Mechanical Brain, a space regulator, created by the rulers of the universe, caught him and released him from this evil circle. The brain judged to grant him the redemption he finally deserved, and changed his soul, making One More Star to shine in the infinite space.

At peace with himself, the new star was attracted by a sweet melody, the Genesis of the universe, performed by ones who were less lucky than him, a group of unforgiven souls... an Orchestra Of The Damned.