Topic KeroZen

Don't you dare to gonna be

The first in line to stay ?

Evil is what you need

I never want to cheat with you

I only want to change me

Change me, my senses tell

Verse 1

Sadness fill my life until today

Fatality waits to take

Full control of my body

Fate sometimes reveals itself to me,

I feel, blood is starting to boil

Pre Chorus

Humility's gone

Probity's fading

Nervosity wants to play

Insanity, is coming

Kerosene cover my blood

And it will blow


Kero's in my veins

Zen not anymore

Kero dominates

Zen my buddy

You can change me

And everybody's gonna pay

You can boost me

Will you take every senses ?

Verse 2

Anger will drive my move from now

Fatality consumes me

Like the candle in the dark

Waiting for the Devil to rise up,

Corrupt my mind


Won't you taste my blood ?

I will make you drink my hate

Leave me now