Witchcraft - The End of a Reign

Verse 1

I am the King of the Earth

And I know the codes to lead

No more hope to launch Nuke

You don't even ask favor


You don't want me to feel alive

You pray for my death today

Try again, and again to run away

And you push me out to say goodbye

Verse 2

Witchcraft, the end of your reign

Evil me definitely hates you

Beauty in the chaos of life

Darkness feed my fire


Here we are, this is it

Missiles fly across the sky

watch consequences

Moment of truth

Part 2

Death is filling all the place

Life suddenly has step away

Dawn’ll never rise and shine again

With all my pride, I pass away

Don't you understand me ?

I was just the warning

At the edge of reasons,

Mankind's challenge

Part 3

There was a time

where I knew

The codes to lead

As I watched myself

falling away into

The deep madness

You haunt my greed

Fate has led the way

I choose my path

Witchcraft whispers

Hellish prayers

I choose to vow


Wicked Sorcery

Use your charm on thy

Hear the Prophecy

Lead my out